Welcome to MMSFFF #2

Welcome to MMSFFFFrom November 14–17, Monsters and Martians Science Fiction Film Festival is back for our second year, offering the latest in current independent science fiction film making! We are proud to announce a sophomore line-up which celebrates the genre's diversity and explores a broad range of topics. From the future of social media to extraterrestrial visitors, to space travel, this year's films offer a broad variety of visions of our past present and future. Join us at Big Picture Cinema, 1035 Gerrard St East Toronto, Ontario.

The Lineup of films <>

  1. Thursday, 7:00PM: The Cosmonaut, (Spain) 93 Minutes. Shorts: Mars II, 8 minutes. Internaut, 1 minute. TICKETS
  2. Friday, 7:00PM: Vessel (Australia) 100 mins.

    Short: The Silent Sleeper Trilogy, 12 Min. Director, Herman Wang. TICKETS

  3. Friday, 9:30 El Xendra, (HONDURAS)112 Minutes. Short: Luminous Matter, (INDIA) Director, Andrew Fernandes 7.30 minutes. TICKETS
  4. Saturday, 7:00: Piercing Brightness (UK): 76 Minutes. Short: Duel, 8 minutes. TICKETS
  5. Saturday, 9:30PM, Channelling (USA) 106 minutes. Director, Drew Thomas

    Short: Toy Apocalypse (USA) 14 Minutes. TICKETS

  6. Sunday, 7:00PM: A Dark Matter (CANADA)

    Short: North Bay (USA), 15 Minutes. TICKETS